salad 3: ham and cheese

Posted On April 7, 2010

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neither interesting nor creative at all. just a means to an end. French dressing from Mediya, bad choice! Cheese cubes from Kraft were yummy (: made a sandwich with the leftover but my brother ate it up nicely while i was away :P so instead of 4 salads, made only 3 this week

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salad 2: Chinese salad with duck breast meat

Posted On April 5, 2010

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inspired by the yummy duck rice store near my work place but the silly owner refused to sell duck meat without rice BUT duck breast meat only is sold at S$15! wtf and was distracted by a phone call from my brother at the same time. argh! anyway i settled for a random duck rice store in Tiong Bahru Plaza, glaze on duck meat is also from the store. so that’s my cheat for this recipe (:

looks great! taken with my trusty BB

dressing from Jamie Oliver, it’s simply half a lime and drizzle of sesame oil. but i did add a mango and some sesame seed sprinkle. pretty tasty overall. highly recommended with leftover duck meat. really miss Ms. Loo’s perfect duck dish! oh and i forgot to add zucchini, looks like i’ll have twice the serving tomorrow! *gross*

Ms. Loo at her MasterChef moment! click image to her blog (:

salad 1: Japanese salad with prawns

Posted On April 4, 2010

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must lose weight! will be having a salad a day this week (: first time ever attempting salad but with cheats on the dressing :P could have made the sauce actually, even went all the way to Mediya to pick up the only missing ingredient, red miso paste but the temptation of ready-made sauce was too overwhelming and i gave in :P  picked up a random vinaigrette Japanese salad sauce or make it yourself here. yummy! my very own mix of the rest of the salad ingredients: five prawns (steamed), two small packs of seasoned seaweed, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and Japanese zucchini

horrible horrible photo! taken with my MacBook :P

promise to use up the rest of the sauce for another salmon salad! (: will also make this again to justify this dish with a better photo…