Posted On May 23, 2010

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the names of both cupcakes that i baked today would’ve been to long for the post title, chocolate stout cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting and Red Velvet cupcakes (since my obsession from last London trip).

it’s past midnight now and just got back from AN’s place so way too lazy to type any further. a lot of clumsiness (nothing unusual) and no help (almost) from AN. started with the chocolate stout (Guinness) cuppies, first batch, almost burnt the top (misread: Fahrenheit to Celsius, great job!)…

three rows from left - burnt top; last row on right - almost perfect

strictly speaking, the taste wasn’t great, barely a hint of Guinness (!) texture ok but not pretty overall. however cream cheese saved the day (for both the recipes today actually)

prettier but really not great. rather disappointing

and then there is the Red Velvet. i almost gave up making them after the huge disappointment with chocolate stout cuppies and Red Velvet’s recipes sounded complicated and yucky with possible risk of red stain all over the place (i.e. AN’s kitchen!). but AN cheered me on and did a little observation here and there to make sure it ‘blends well’ and ‘mixes well’ (:

what do you think?

and they all sit pretty in rows (:

it looks better but the red is actually wrong, check out the supposed colour here. this is like Chinese-birthday-red-egg red (Noel red/Christmas red) but it should have been a darker blood red, AN said: i think you should keep this recipe for Halloween. lol

so with that little help from master to lift my spirit and the cuppies, it turned out so much (much) better!

i like it red (:

oh by the way, see the cheese frosting with black dots, that my friend is a very precious (unavailable) commodity in Singapore, Vanilla beans! the real thing! and piping the frosting was real fun too! will probably try cupcakes again since i’ve already bought a 12-piece rack, till then…