salad 2: Chinese salad with duck breast meat

Posted On April 5, 2010

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inspired by the yummy duck rice store near my work place but the silly owner refused to sell duck meat without rice BUT duck breast meat only is sold at S$15! wtf and was distracted by a phone call from my brother at the same time. argh! anyway i settled for a random duck rice store in Tiong Bahru Plaza, glaze on duck meat is also from the store. so that’s my cheat for this recipe (:

looks great! taken with my trusty BB

dressing from Jamie Oliver, it’s simply half a lime and drizzle of sesame oil. but i did add a mango and some sesame seed sprinkle. pretty tasty overall. highly recommended with leftover duck meat. really miss Ms. Loo’s perfect duck dish! oh and i forgot to add zucchini, looks like i’ll have twice the serving tomorrow! *gross*

Ms. Loo at her MasterChef moment! click image to her blog (:


salad 1: Japanese salad with prawns

Posted On April 4, 2010

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must lose weight! will be having a salad a day this week (: first time ever attempting salad but with cheats on the dressing :P could have made the sauce actually, even went all the way to Mediya to pick up the only missing ingredient, red miso paste but the temptation of ready-made sauce was too overwhelming and i gave in :P  picked up a random vinaigrette Japanese salad sauce or make it yourself here. yummy! my very own mix of the rest of the salad ingredients: five prawns (steamed), two small packs of seasoned seaweed, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and Japanese zucchini

horrible horrible photo! taken with my MacBook :P

promise to use up the rest of the sauce for another salmon salad! (: will also make this again to justify this dish with a better photo…

green tea soba with seared tuna

Posted On March 14, 2010

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tried out this pretty dish that i’ve been eying on for the longest time! bought a perfect chunk of tuna from Mediya, drizzle it with sesame seed oil and  coat it with sesame seed. here is the my mistake, keeping the pan hot is not the same as keeping the heat high! two very different matters! the high heat will blacken the sesame before the tuna is properly seared. rescued by AC (:

spot the black bits *whoops*

AC and her perfect knife (:

soba turned out fine but the sauce was a bit much. AC’s deduction is that the portion is meant for four but we made only two. it became too tangy (lemon) instead.

green green green

so healthy i'm not satisfied *glum*

found this mushroomy dish from RasaMalaysia. ‘s alright (yes i’m reading some British crap, not Hornby). AC felt it wasn’t salty enough but i thought it was ok, i think i was too frightened by the last packet of dashi i used and this time was i a tad too conservative (:

beech, oyester and shitake mushrooms. soupy and yummy

far Breton

Posted On March 7, 2010

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a very popular and traditional dessert from Brittany, France. found on Cooking Hut which i almost forgot the site exists! Far means flour in Breton (quoted from Cooking Ninja), Breton is a native or inhabitant of Brittany. the texture is a mix of flan and pudding and cake (!). not sure. AN and JC hugely contributed to the making of it (: the traditional far Breton is usually laced with prunes but i found a substitute to the yucky prunes with apples!

Snow White apples

cooking apples with butter (no cinnamon!)

only yummy apple, no yucky prune pictures

as none of us ever had far Breton before, so it’s quite questionable to even determine the success of it! i guess my colleagues will let me know tomorrow on how edible it is. anyhow we had fun! first time catching up since Seoul (: with a possible Taipei trip in mind. yeay!

and one more for the road

Posted On February 21, 2010

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Red Velvet only please! (Hummingbird@Wardour St)

crispy pork belly (siu yuk/烧肉)

Posted On February 19, 2010

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from a combination of recipes starting from ATableForTwo (whose recipe is not complete, without marinate sauce) and from his link off to RasaMalaysia (for the marinate) and AlmostBourdain (for the method). however i did add a dash (alot!) of salt on the skin (advice from ATableForTwo) for that winning crunchiness (: however i didn’t hear the crackling in the oven though :P

disaster! looks better after scrapping off the charcoal bits! phew~

unfortunately not as easy as AlmostBourdain says! for sure. even opening and closing the oven is painful with the smoke in my eyes. was so burnt on the side that got me so worried, do camp out at the oven to adjust the timing accordingly. the suggested recipes are not fool-proof

had to painstakingly flip each side for 10 minutes in the oven

argh! too salty! :(

skin too salty, definitely not perfect. also made the floor so oily, had to mop it up. don’t think i did a good job :P

little lunch

Posted On February 19, 2010

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going to cook something difficult later to surprise PL so have decided to try out these two side dishes first. roast potatoes with white truffle oil and edamame salad.

truffle oil just makes everything... sooo much better!

green and healthy

mad about Madrid

Posted On February 18, 2010

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have definitely arrived at Madrid!

vegetarian paella from a bar run by a big burly hombre

tapas bar

freshest market produce

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