siu yuk (again), beet root soup and veggie

Posted On May 2, 2010

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in the same span of time, i made siu yuk for dinner upon AN’s request but using AlmostBourdain’s recipe. found red fermented bean curd with great difficulty in Singapore (shocking). AN made beet root soup (very yummy!) and AC fried some sort of veggie.

Beet Root Soup ingredients:

Beet root
Dried scallop
Dried cuttlefish
Pork ribs

siu yuk was a massive disappointment! was too salty! the skin turn out well but the fermented bean curd over did it. i think i will stick to previous recipe next round (if any). also AN (the health-conscious-guru) bought skinny pork belly! no kidding! lol! siu yuk must have FATS. period

hypertension (too much salt). everyone were pretty forgiving

my happy meal (:


2 Responses to “siu yuk (again), beet root soup and veggie”

  1. Prexus Swyftwynd

    LOL, siu yuk without fat is like eating nothing :P Needs to be “half fat, half skinny” for best results! Too fat is gross, and no fat is just a piece of meat :D

    • meegoreng

      completely agree! no more skinny siu yuk next time (:

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