salad 1: Japanese salad with prawns

Posted On April 4, 2010

Filed under Japanese, KwaiLo

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must lose weight! will be having a salad a day this week (: first time ever attempting salad but with cheats on the dressing :P could have made the sauce actually, even went all the way to Mediya to pick up the only missing ingredient, red miso paste but the temptation of ready-made sauce was too overwhelming and i gave in :P  picked up a random vinaigrette Japanese salad sauce or make it yourself here. yummy! my very own mix of the rest of the salad ingredients: five prawns (steamed), two small packs of seasoned seaweed, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and Japanese zucchini

horrible horrible photo! taken with my MacBook :P

promise to use up the rest of the sauce for another salmon salad! (: will also make this again to justify this dish with a better photo…


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