green tea soba with seared tuna

Posted On March 14, 2010

Filed under Japanese

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tried out this pretty dish that i’ve been eying on for the longest time! bought a perfect chunk of tuna from Mediya, drizzle it with sesame seed oil and  coat it with sesame seed. here is the my mistake, keeping the pan hot is not the same as keeping the heat high! two very different matters! the high heat will blacken the sesame before the tuna is properly seared. rescued by AC (:

spot the black bits *whoops*

AC and her perfect knife (:

soba turned out fine but the sauce was a bit much. AC’s deduction is that the portion is meant for four but we made only two. it became too tangy (lemon) instead.

green green green

so healthy i'm not satisfied *glum*

found this mushroomy dish from RasaMalaysia. ‘s alright (yes i’m reading some British crap, not Hornby). AC felt it wasn’t salty enough but i thought it was ok, i think i was too frightened by the last packet of dashi i used and this time was i a tad too conservative (:

beech, oyester and shitake mushrooms. soupy and yummy


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