far Breton

Posted On March 7, 2010

Filed under KwaiLo

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a very popular and traditional dessert from Brittany, France. found on Cooking Hut which i almost forgot the site exists! Far means flour in Breton (quoted from Cooking Ninja), Breton is a native or inhabitant of Brittany. the texture is a mix of flan and pudding and cake (!). not sure. AN and JC hugely contributed to the making of it (: the traditional far Breton is usually laced with prunes but i found a substitute to the yucky prunes with apples!

Snow White apples

cooking apples with butter (no cinnamon!)

only yummy apple, no yucky prune pictures

as none of us ever had far Breton before, so it’s quite questionable to even determine the success of it! i guess my colleagues will let me know tomorrow on how edible it is. anyhow we had fun! first time catching up since Seoul (: with a possible Taipei trip in mind. yeay!


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