crispy pork belly (siu yuk/烧肉)

Posted On February 19, 2010

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from a combination of recipes starting from ATableForTwo (whose recipe is not complete, without marinate sauce) and from his link off to RasaMalaysia (for the marinate) and AlmostBourdain (for the method). however i did add a dash (alot!) of salt on the skin (advice from ATableForTwo) for that winning crunchiness (: however i didn’t hear the crackling in the oven though :P

disaster! looks better after scrapping off the charcoal bits! phew~

unfortunately not as easy as AlmostBourdain says! for sure. even opening and closing the oven is painful with the smoke in my eyes. was so burnt on the side that got me so worried, do camp out at the oven to adjust the timing accordingly. the suggested recipes are not fool-proof

had to painstakingly flip each side for 10 minutes in the oven

argh! too salty! :(

skin too salty, definitely not perfect. also made the floor so oily, had to mop it up. don’t think i did a good job :P


2 Responses to “crispy pork belly (siu yuk/烧肉)”

  1. Peggy

    It was Delicious!!

  2. siu yuk (again), beet root soup and veggie « no more instant noodles

    […] the skin turn out well but the fermented bean curd over did it. i think i will stick to previous recipe next round (if any). also AN (the health-conscious-guru) bought skinny pork belly! no kidding! lol […]

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