honey-glazed chicken and assortments of veggie

Posted On October 19, 2009

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almost gave up on cooking with more house viewing and the lack of such possibility in the near future. suggested to WK and AM that i should roast a chicken for all and they agreed. hooray! going to give the previous “perfect” roast another go. and i thought that the mee goreng post will be the very last to close this blog.

first time cooking since WK is back. better appreciate it since my cooking days are numbered *glum*. with all well intentions of wanting to roast a chicken, it didn’t quite turn out that way because the bloody butcher chopped up the whole chicken! *aghast* plus i didn’t realize till we are home! almost dash to Cold Storage to buy a WHOLE chicken but decided to take some risks instead. browsed through some recipes and settled for one new chicken recipe, three different kinds of veggie recipes, just so i can use up all the veggie meant for the roast.

honey-glazed (suppose to be maple but i can’t be stuffed) chicken from Nigella Lawson plus i’m suppose to marinate over night. again short of time, so just half a day of marinate. found Ziploc bag but no apple juice. took a stroll to 7-11 but it turns out flavour of the day is apple with aloe vera (who cares!) i just want plain apple juice, super peeved, walked around Pearl Centre and found a news stand with Yeo’s apple juice. oh well. i don’t think you can  call it “sharp” apple juice at all. but still. peeved.

what chicken?

where art thou chicken?

didn’t turn out well at all. not even close. it was barely “glazed” and too much liquid left on the tray. not overnight? apple juice too diluted? no clue. my guests were kind enough to finish it though (:

carrots and potatoes are cooked seperately, both from Ministry of Food. carrot dish is pretty unique (bacon bits, finely chopped garlic, orange juice, didn’t add marmalade though, rosemary, butter, salt and pepper). i baked it together with the chicken (1 hour and 15 minutes) while carrots just needed 50 minutes. super yummy, just follow the instructions (:



boil the potatoes but add several sprig of mint, a knob of butter and half a lemon juice to boot. very yummy with the zesty lemon-y taste to it.

even more yummy!

even more yummy!

while i’m already risking every other dish tonight, thought i try this fancy French broccoli recipe from Jamie Oliver instead of falling back to AC’s broccoli recipe. super fail. way too difficult for my standard. sauce didn’t turn out at all, texture was wrong, just watery *yuk* and WK says “arteri choking” with the amount of butter used :P i remembered AN’s advice to add a dash of sugar in the boiling pot for that bit of crunchiness and less awful green, visually.

where's the sauce?

where's the sauce?

have definitely seen better nights. labour, no love

love's labour's lost

love's labour's lost


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