salmon and vegetables en papillote

Posted On October 13, 2009

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cooking at RTS’s place again. found this at Cooking Hut. super simple but so pretty in presentation due to all the colours. very grateful for his kitchen and oven in making this possible. “en papillote” is a French way of wrapping the dish in baking paper and bake it. sounds a bit like Chinese steaming to me.



i can’t find thyme so i used dill instead. and added mushrooms, just because i don’t particularly fancy the other veggie on the list (: RTS likes mushrooms too so yeay! no loss there



overall the citrus taste is pretty mild. mushroom taste did not overwhelm other veggie so it’s superbly healthy by my standards (: like as if i would ever eat tomatoes and sweet beans (mange tout) right

can't fail at close-up food shots

always look prettier at close-up shots. more intense i suppose


2 Responses to “salmon and vegetables en papillote”

  1. Peggy

    this looks so beautiful :)
    like a happy summer day!

    • meegoreng

      and absolutely yummy! the taste is rather mild though coz it’s just citrus and dill

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