grilled fish topped with mustard and oats

Posted On October 9, 2009

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according to the recipe, it’s to use trout but after much research, we settled for a random fillet at Cold Storage. nervous. cooking at RTS’s place. hope it turns out else my reputation is ruin! drama drama~

Recipe from Ministry of Food

recipe from Ministry of Food

clean the fish and rub salt and pepper. pretty standard KwaiLo stuff. spread mustard on the fillet and sprinkle oats generously on the fish. before that soak the oats with a little olive oil. drizzle olive oil on the baking tray before laying the fillets. to add some greens, i just layer some French long beans underneath. also a note that while choosing oats, don’t use the instant cook ones, go for the oat pieces that look complete and not too chipped off, just “plain oats”


oopss :P

well *ahem* it says 10 minutes on the recipe but i think i put the tray too high in the oven. took it few notches lower and wait till the fish is at least cook.

not too bad (:

not too bad (:

don’t be spoilt. just scrap off the burnt oats and it’s pretty yummy and healthy (again scrap off the burnt bits to qualify). RTS commented that the fish’s soft texture and the crunchy beans make good contrasting combo. and the oaty bits are slightly crispy too.

sweet potatoes as a side dinner dish *question mark*

sweet potatoes as a side dinner dish *question mark*

RTS suggested sweet potatoes as savoury sides. just boil it and that’s pretty much it. we bought both kinds, yellow and orange insides. i can’t remember the names to distinguish them apart but the orange one is softer while the yellow stays a bit firmer, given that both were boiled at the same time. turns out alright as a side and again healthy is word of the day :P


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