(perfect) roast chicken and roast veggie

Posted On September 27, 2009

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Jamie Oliver’s roast chicken recipe. it was, well, perfect!  the comments were actually more like “pretty good” and “we’ll come again” (: good size for a company of five

embarrasing WK with the drippy chicken by the window

embarrasing WK with the drippy chicken by the window

everything works according to recipe, except for the gravy. definitely no where near the name “consistently good gravy“. i added too much white wine and maybe the ratio to the chicken stock was not proportionate. also i didn’t think plain flour was correct, should be corn starch isn’t it? just so that the sauce thickens. and the taste was pretty average despite such promising ingredients (leftover of the roast chicken base). oh and the chicken can stay in the oven abit longer (crispier perhaps)

*fingers cross*

*fingers cross*

looks and smells good (so far)

looks and smells good (so far)

perfect roast chicken

ED carved the chicken before i could take a photo

potatoes ok, carrot too soft

potatoes ok, carrots too soft

AC insisted on buttered broccoli (recipe over a text message). boil broccoli in salt (AN was appalled with the extreme green and quickly added sugar). sieve it out after its cooked and just add generous amount of butter. the sugar and salt made the broccoli visibly appealing and crunchier to bite into. very yummy! (only after AN’s help :P)

pretty in green
pretty in green

AN brought the Guiness chocolate cake where she cut it into dainty bite sizes (: and AC made “real” mushroom soup (dubbed “better than Campbell soup”). amazing company and easy cook out with a list of order of what they’ll like to eat for the next invite. or maybe it’s just AC


4 Responses to “(perfect) roast chicken and roast veggie”

  1. ED

    was amazed by your cooking skill and of cuz the good food. so do call me to pitch in for the upcoming dinner :P

    • meegoreng

      flattery is surely going to get u another meal (:

  2. ED


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    […] thought i try this fancy French broccoli recipe from Jamie Oliver instead of falling back to AC’s broccoli recipe. super fail. way too difficult for my standard. sauce didn’t turn out at all, texture was […]

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