kung po chicken

Posted On September 26, 2009

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the last of my mum’s recipe from this trip. didn’t sound too difficult but i think the estimation of condiment has room for improvement! and leftover xian chai from the last dish (the veggie had a slow death in the fridge but still some pretty decent leafy left). mum asked me to stir fry it but i thought i should replicate from the last show-and-tell

kung po chicken

chicken (cut into cubes)
long beans
cashew nut
2 dried chilli
1/2 tablespoon oyster sauce
1/2 tablespoon black soy sauce
1/4 tablespoon corn starch
1 teaspoon light soy sauce

marinate the chicken cubes with corn starch and light soy sauce. as for cashew, there is a special way to deal with it as well. first, boil the nuts, scoop it up (i just did a quick dip) and dry with kitchen towel. heat the pan and start with frying the cashew nuts till brown with a teaspoon of cooking oil. throw in the marinated chicken and keep stir frying. add all the veggie (mushrooms, long beans and dried chilli) and add the rest of the condiments. i didn’t call my mum for this dish not because i’m confident but merely because she’s not home! in fact she’s on vacation so just wanted to be considerate. by the way, my cashew nuts didn’t turn out crisp, is it suppose to be?

something is missing...

something is missing...

well… it turned out alright but i keep feeling something is missing. pray tell if you know (:
as for the xian chai soup, i found out what’s missing after i compare the photos! hehe…

spot the difference

spot the difference (:


2 Responses to “kung po chicken”

  1. ms loo

    is it garlic ahh??

    • meegoreng

      hmmm… i won’t know until i try again i guess…

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