kam heong butter prawn and xian chai soup

Posted On September 21, 2009

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mum taught me kam heong butter prawn and xian chai soup while she was in Singapore, after much insistent she wrote down two other recipes but with lots of holes, so i’ve decided to translate some of her verbal recipes to a blog post before i forget (: this coming week, all dishes will be based on her recipes!

my mum's little attempts at "recipes"... hehehe...

my mum's attempt at "recipes"... hehehe...

kam heong butter prawn

6 prawns

1 tablespoon curry powder

1 tablespoon butter

curry leaves (just a sprig will do, look for the small leaves)

half cup milk

an egg

fry the prawns with two tablespoon of oil. set aside after it’s cooked. mix curry powder with half cup water and let it simmer in a hot pan. add butter and milk while continue stirring. crack a beaten egg and toss in all the prawns and curry leaves. keep stir frying until all the liquid are soaked in the prawns. add salt to taste and that’s it! wasn’t the best i’ve tasted from my mum due to the lousy curry powder and curry leaves (hardly fragrant at all) plus mum claims that she has difficulties estimating for such a small dish! will have to try out this dish on my own one fine day…

thank you mummy!

thank you mummy!

xian chai soup

ikan bilis (dried anchovies)

ji zi (small Chinese dates)

xian chai (erm… well some sort of veggie)

one clove of garlic

salt to taste and an optional dash of vegetarian (or miso) stock

fry the dried anchovies until fragrant and toss in a clove of chopped garlic. add small Chinese dates and all the veggie. stir fry till the veggie is cooked (yes i asked the same question, how do you know when it’s cooked? simple: when it’s all lumpy, no more veg springy-ness). add enough water to cover the cooked veggie and let it simmer for another half hour and it’s pretty much done

*the special way to clean xian chai is to pluck all the leafy branches and break the rest of the stems in bite size parts. while doing that, a layer of flim will follow suit, the trick is to tear off the filmy bit to thoroughly clean off the stems.

tasty soupy veggie dish

tasty soupy veggie dish

preview for tomorrow — fried pork ribs and herbal soup (my favourite!)


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