teriyaki chicken and stir fried French long beans

Posted On September 17, 2009

Filed under Chinese, Japanese

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an uninspiring chicken night but luckily i found a recipe from Cooking Hut contributed in RasaMalaysia and lazy me chose it solely based on one fact : i didn’t have to buy any new ingredients at all (my sake has proven to be pretty handy) and it could be done under 20 minutes

did you know you can mix teriyaki sauce on your own? i was so distracted that i added all the ingredients on the list thinking that it’s all for the teriyaki sauce including olive oil (!) it did cross my mind that it was rather strange but by then it was too late. anyhow i made another bowl easily and let the chicken marinate for 20 minutes. while chicken takes a nap i decided to cook some veggie (surprise!). i think it was due to the yummy-ness of yesterday’s French long beans that i was particularly motivated. so same beans but adding carrots (i even cut it in a flower shape the way my mum used to, apparently to entice me to eat veggie!) and mushroom (of course garlic) except i’m stir-frying. i made this recipe up all on my own, so to speak. just toss everything in the pan, add chicken stock and salt in the end. ha!

second veggie dish (:

second veggie dish (:

back to the chicken. instruction was “brown the chicken on all sides” and i over did it. fire was too big and my chicken was burnt on “some” sides *glum* lesson learnt — don’t fry everything like the way with garlic ya. i suppose a medium fire would be a good start until the chicken is almost cook and pour in the rest of the marinate. the sauce thickens as you cover the pan and let the chicken sit a while. if too long, the sugar caramelized and black stuff will flake out. definitely not good since you want to keep the sauce when you serve the chicken. so low fire, people!

all in all, the veggie is the yummiest (what could possibly go wrong with MSG laden chicken stock). teriyaki chicken was so-so, sauce was good but the chicken could sleep in longer so the meat will be tastier. and it’s my first meal with rice (:

looks yummy but taste so-so

looks yummy but taste so-so


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