cod fish with bacon strips

Posted On September 16, 2009

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my first jamie oliver recipe! was really worried because it involves baking. wasn’t sure if WK’s oven is reliable (: basically it’s just cod fish, bacon and rosemary but i wanted to add some greens and leftover fresh mushrooms. so i combined two of jamie oliver’s recipes at one go

rather simple but unique — wrap the bacon strips (i chose streaky bacon, guilty as charged) around the cod fish. mix rosemary and olive oil (salt and pepper to taste). i wasn’t even sure if i like rosemary, i mean what if i detest it as much as basil! the whole dish would be ruin! but so far the mild smell of the herb seems bearable. roll the cod fish in the concoction, make sure all sides are covered and wrap bacon strips around it. i think i over did it by wrapping 4 pieces of pork strips around one poor small cod fish :D

drizzle olive oil on the baking tray. arrange the French long beans in the middle (where the cod will sit on top of) and mushrooms around it (figured i don’t want the mushroom’s taste to interfere with my highly anticipated fish) and in the oven it goes (: that’s it *anxious*

had to take this photo incase it looks horrid after

had to take this photo incase it looks horrid after

took it out after 10 minutes (according to the book) and tried to poke the fish. i managed to dig out the deepest centre part of the slice and then it hits me — i can’t tell if it’s cook (seems to happen at a rather high frequency, like almost every dish). speed dialing… “mum! how can you tell if the cod fish is cook? it looks white before and after anyway” (at a higher and squeakier tone than i expected). indecision sets in. to put it back in the oven or not. mum is of no help, she just said that as long as it’s 10 minutes should be “alright” (20 minutes for steam)

still looks pretty after (:

still looks pretty after (:

*hmmph* i can’t be stuffed. just gonna wolf it down. plus i know exactly where the nearest clinic is! oh and i forgot to squeeze lemon juice before serving *burp*

verdict — pretty yummy, the distinctively different cod and bacon taste remains plus the long beans are super yummy with heaps of  help from  porky oil drips. but i think a tad too oily overall. will have reservations making it again

i think it's cooked. yeap, pretty sure. probably...

i think it's cooked. yeap, pretty sure. hmm probably...

so pretty! and impressive looking *bah*

so pretty! and impressive looking *bah*


2 Responses to “cod fish with bacon strips”

  1. ms loo

    wah so yummy. i will copy this weekend!
    clever girl

    • meegoreng

      clever girl: *blush* ah thanx…

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