Japanese beef stew (nikujaga)

Posted On September 14, 2009

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this is the second exciting recipe. it’s from ClosetCooking. very cute and sleek (but down-to-earth) blog site (: a Canadian cooking various dish in Toronto. seems rather straight forward. all the condiments at a go – sake (yeay! still half a cup left), mirin and dashi (recommended by the kind Japanese couple), sugar and soy sauce (3 tablespoon of Kikoman in my translation means 2 tablespoon of light soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce). came up to a huge bowl of liquid. stir fried the beef, carrots, potatoes and onions and just pour in everything else and let it simmer. was kind of worried after an hour so called mum to check if there is such thing as “over-cooking” beef cubes, well she said no but i’m not too convinced. the silly thing is, i don’t know when the beef is ready, soft enough to bite but can i stew it more? called for expert to come over for a go — AN (:

she came with PL and RT to my utter surprise and slight embarrassment! so they all tried my first-time clams and beef stew. well candidly they all said it was good. general comments were clams not spicy and beef can be softer. so will let the pot sit another round before i eat tomorrow

how now brown cow

how now brown cow


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