three cups chicken and tomato soup

Posted On September 12, 2009

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trying a new recipe site thanks to my kind colleague RS (: (she cooks her own lunch on work days!). it’s a Taiwanese site call MiTong (literally means rice bucket). the site became so popular that the owner published a recipe book. tempted to buy :P

i tried out MiTong’s three cups chicken with a twist – adding a green apple (: i think i wasn’t aiming for a real three-cups-chicken taste because i didn’t have basil leave and chili. the recipe was meant for 4 so my estimation for 1 went awry. too much ginger, too little garlic. oh i was saved by the chili flakes, replacing the missing fresh chili so it turn out to be spicy ginger chicken (!) also added leftover mushrooms from aglio olio. chicken was very nicely done though *pat on the back*

didn't taste like it but looks alright (:

didn't taste like it but looks alright (:

intended to make potato-tomato-pepper soup, sometimes called abc soup. to eliminate leftover, i threw in all the leftover tomatoes from the egg and bacon sandwich so it turned out to be too tomato-ish. still pretty good as long as you adjust your expectations (:

unintended tomato soup

unintended tomato soup

i cheated on the rice and replaced with toast bread since three-cups-chicken is pretty saucy (was just too lazy to leave the house to buy rice). my aim to finish all my fresh foods of the week is almost complete. only broccoli left

my complete meal!

my complete meal!

nugget bartered: $2.20 for chicken. the rest were leftover tomatoes, potatoes, onions, ginger and mushrooms, probably another $2 then


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