egg and bacon sandwich

Posted On September 10, 2009

Filed under KwaiLo

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wasn’t prepared to cook tonight so a simple sandwich will do (: bacon, egg, cheese, bread and tomatoes (my only green that’s not even green). was going for French long beans but the pack was a tad too big for one or even two. tried my new metal mould (had pancakes in mind when i bought it) on the egg but didn’t quite turn out as “sunny-side-up”, more like McD’s or Ramli Burger’s egg instead :( PL suggested to glaze hot oil on top on the cooking egg to give even heating. failed. but still pretty yummy sandwich. oh and i bought mushrooms! so had sauté mushrooms on the side. perhaps i grew up – didn’t like it anymore…

moolah spent: $1 for bacon, probably $1 for tomato slices, mushrooms, cheese, egg and two slices of bread

quick and easy saved the day

quick and easy saved the day (night)


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