fettuccine aglio olio

Posted On September 9, 2009

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came home at 8.30pm and to prove that it takes that little more to make real meal instead of succumbing to instant noodles, i’m determine to whip up an aglio olio dish under 30 minutes (my first attempt!). almost gave up without fresh mushrooms but was saved by WK’s small can of Hosen Mushrooms (: plus it’s not expired yet – what a gem!

mushroom! albeit in a can

mushroom! albeit in a can

from my watch-and-learn recipe thanks to AC, i prepared bacon, garlic and mushrooms while throwing in fettuccine to boil. add salt for taste while boiling and strain with cold water after (it works!). seasonings are mixed herbs, ground pepper and chili flakes. oh and generous on the olive oil

and my record was 26 minutes! see! u probably need 15 minutes for instant noodles but u get a real meal with just 10 minutes more… except i forgot to add salt! and too much fettuccine ratio to bacon bits and mushrooms (by the way mushrooms were tasteless)

conclusion: i’m gonna search for “real” aglio olio recipe next time (:

ka-ching: $1.50 for bacon (only used half the pack), fettuccine is probably just $1 worth from the pack and mushrooms for free!

not so yummy...

not so yummy...


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    […] even whip out a recipe when i was in Cold Storage that day, instead i settled for a top of my mind aglio olio cook out (which is in essence mee goreng). c’mon! the entire grocery store and i have zero […]

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