poached salmon

Posted On September 8, 2009

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the first few recipes that pops on Google search, from SimplyRecipes. while cheapo me had already bought some ingredients (mustard, white wine and dill) and didn’t want to spend anymore money on one-off ingredients (namely mustard, white wine and dill) so i picked the sauce recipe needing only to buy a cup of sour cream. invited HY for this meal (without informing her i’m cooking) but lucky her had prior engagement! too shy to ask LT since she can actually cook :P so just me then

started out ok but the messiest kitchen i ever made. in fact can’t really gauge if the sauce recipe is good. taste reasonable but no recollection of any recent poached salmon sauce to benchmark with. may possibly try another one the next round. learnings: buy salmon fillet that is evenly sliced (in retrospect, it really is just common sense) because the disaster i had was that the sides were cooked but not the middle. had to dig out the middle to check hence unappetizing photo (tried to cover up with sauce)

boiling potato is no easy feat! it takes so-very-extremely long and after many rounds of forking my only carb source i settled for a three-quater-cooked boiled potato while the carrot is yummy (naturally sweet without the yuk-carroty taste).  despite everything else, the salmon is not too overcooked. yeay!

dough rolled: $8 for salmon. $2.70 for sour cream. $4.60 for mustard. $4.20 for dill. all in all $20. will try to make use of the rest of the ingredients (:

hmm, unappetizing looking after too many rounds of probing

hmm, unappetizing looking after too many rounds of probing


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