Japanese braised pork belly (buta no kakuni)

Posted On September 7, 2009

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this recipe is from a Japanese residing in Switzerland. pretty easy and authentic. find it at JustHungry. i was so determined to make it i walked at least, well many many blocks, to find sake! i mean c’mon, it’s Singapore plus globalization at its height and i can’t find sake in Fair Price or 7-Eleven. ended up in Cold Storage at China Square Central *hmmph*

ok pretty excited by now (: halved the slab of pork belly if pot not too big. so the theory is to throw the pork with fattiest layer turn downwards (without glazing the pot with any oil) because that layer will naturally exude oil to cover the pot. apparently. i (smarty-pants) heat up the pot and literally threw it in and that dead pig’s belly was stuck to my lousy-IKEA pot. stuck. i panicked when i can’t scrap it up because it was that close in turning into siewyuk! and the pot was hot and i panicked (more now). with all my strength and a wooden laden i managed to scrap it off and without any visible, theoretically  convincing, spot of lard at all. ok my theory (ha!): the mistake was that the pot was too hot to begin with, i should’ve sit the pork belly in the pot at the same time i plonk it on the stove and let it simmer together, perhaps then the fats will then ooze out slowly *question mark* nonetheless as the recipe says add sugar till it’s caramelized. pour soy sauce and one large piece of ginger. AC kindly gave me one star anise to add (:

wrong colour *scratch*

wrong colour *scratch*

wait the colour wasn’t right! and i remembered that the cook is a Japanese so she must have used Kikoman! (darker and saltier Japanese soy sauce). my dark soy sauce came in handy and just add half the previous soy sauce measurement *smirk*

now i sit back with love (checking the pot every 15 minutes and poking the meat) and patience (thanks to my again lousy-IKEA pot). all in all, a great pot (think bottom) – one hour. mine – two hours. and 3-4 calls to my mum in between every interval with a list of silly iquestions (below for reference only). mum’s answers were heavily edited (taking away the laughter and concern) so it shall only be represented by “A” instead. while my questions are in “Q”. there u have it – FAQ for Japanese braised pork belly (i would advice that “frequent” is loosely use here)

  • Q: the liquid is drying up but piggy is not cook yet. how?
  • A: just add more water
  • Q: but will dilute it
  • A: the thick liquid is mostly absorbed by the meat by now so it’s ok
  • Q: recipe says cut the meat in pieces before cooking it but u never do that (yea ask this after ONE HOUR of the pork sitting in the pot)
  • A: *rhetoric but to humour me* cut after it’s done. period.
  • Q: not cook yet! how long more? (lots of love and patience)
  • A: *as above on the difference between the pots*
  • Q: the inside of my pot is black and the pieces are flaking off
  • A: caramelized sugar. use a strainer to rid of it later.

by the way i copied the ingredients but not the method. just skimmed through it on my first read and the steps were based on my memory work (attempting to justify some of the cooking-idiosyncrasies above)

looking good (:

looking good (:

and it was really yummy! i swear (:

$$ (made for two): less than $10 for pork belly (AC brought over the rice and she can testify the yum-o-metre of this dish!). $6.70 for sake

mum, i'll cook this for u next round (:

mummy! i'll cook this for u next round (:


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