easy peasy shuijiao

Posted On September 6, 2009

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and it begins...

and it begins...

i found the recipe from RasaMalaysia. first i bought the wrong skin, though it’s labelled shuijiao skin, it was so not it! more like wanton skin ok #@&% nonetheless i tried the concoction as per recipe: ground beef, chinese leeks, sesame oil, hua diao jiu and white pepper. mix a little corn flour with water to seal the dumpling skin (trick i learnt from my mum). then i forgot to buy dark vinegar but seeing that it’s not even shuijiao to begin with i just let that go. recipe has no soup so i threw it all in the boiling pot and that’s pretty much it. though the footnote from the recipe says: dumpling will float when it’s cooked well mine were all kinda on the surface from the start so…

skin – wrong. filling – correct and pretty yummy (need to add more of each condiment for a heavier taste). chopped some ginger and of course black vinegar (even if the dumpling sucks, vinegar and ginger will be your only saving grace to cover up any wayward dumpling attempt)

for a super light dinner. i tried to just add chicken stock to the boiling water as pseudo-soup when AC was around, was passable but don’t drink too much of the soup if u don’t wanna get all thirsty after that (: mum says  to throw in some pork bone for soup base (ask from the butcher again) but with my limited supply, there was obviously no contingency plan *filing it in my mental index card for next marketing round*. contemplating to make my own shuijiao skin the next round *ambitious* (it’s in the same recipe above)

guinea jingled: $2 for meat (makes 12 dumplings) $2 for skin (cost not including condiments and few more pieces of “fake” skin left from the pack)

filling is yummy!

filling is yummy!


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