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Posted On September 5, 2009

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seasonings starter pack

in Chinese (in fact all) cooking needs the default set of condiments. while i’m still trying to figure out the best combination, here is my starter pack (:
  1. hua diao jiu (Chinese vintage wine and Shao Xing is the famous region of its make)
  2. dark soy sauce
  3. light soy sauce
  4. oyster sauce
  5. extra virgin olive oil (not sure what’s the difference between extra or not)
  6. sesame oil
  7. corn flour
  8. chicken stock
  9. all kitchen essentials – pepper (ground and white), salt and sugar

what i bought from the market for the week


  1. a slab of pork belly (the one with perfect layers of fats! just tell the butcher the purpose and he usually can whip up the correct parts for u)
  2. ground pork
  3. salmon fillet
  4. chicken (chopped with bone. do not possess any chopping knife – even if i did i would be too chicken shit to try)
  5. bacon, fettuccine and shuijiao skin (from Cold Storage actually)


  1. the all important garlic (one bag)
  2. onion (the big yellow one)
  3. potatoes (had to buy a pack of 4, shall diligently finish up within two weeks)
  4. carrot
  5. broccoli
  6. ginger
  7. a sprig of Chinese leeks (ask the uncle to throw in for free!)

it may look pretty hefty start with. the condiments set me back around $40 while the raw stuff is about $30 and the menu unfolds as each day arrives (: hooray!


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